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Jason Schultz

Known as a Hells Canyon specialist, Jason Schultz has been a full time fishing guide in Idaho, Washington and Oregon for 25 years. He possesses Idaho outfitter permits for the Snake River in Hells Canyon and Clearwater River and holds a special use permit for the nationally famous Snake River in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.


    As a full time fishing guide Schultz spends most of his time on the water targeting salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, smallmouth bass and trout in Hells Canyon on the Snake River and on the Clearwater River and Columbia River.


    Owner of Hells Canyon Sport Fishing, Schultz's operation consists of five full time guides with more than 100 years combined guiding experience. 


Jason Schultz's

guide boat profile

34 ft. - HCM and Wet Ever

HCSF decided to think outside of the box to design and build a one-of-a-kind new fishing boat AGAIN.


This all-open 34 foot twin inboard jet boat with dual helm offers ample space while providing top of the line equipment and electronics that is unmatched! This is certainly the ultimate river fishing machine.


Jim mccarthy

Without question, Jim is the Clearwater River. He is the guide's guide. Everyone calls Jim for advice. Guiding fishermen on the Snake R., Columbia R. and Clearwater Rivers comes naturally to Jim.


When it comes to guiding Salmon & Steelhead trips on the Clearwater River nobody spends more time on Clearwater than Jim. He has been fishing the Clearwater River for over 30 years and has 25 years guiding experience. Jim McCarthy joined the Hells Canyon Sport Fishing team in 2003. He lives overlooking the Clearwater River right in Orofino, Idaho with his wife Nikki, son J.D. and daughter Kristen. 

Jim is often featured in local media such as television and newspapers for his knowledge of the rivers. Have a look at this television segment that aired on the ABC News affiliate in Spokane, Wa which featured Jim and his then young son JD.

jim mccarthy's

guide boat profile



Jim's sled is powered by a 225 hp Mercury Optimax outboard. Jim uses this boat mainly in the Clearwater River where a light, shallow draft boat is a must. This boat is completely open which makes for easy fishing.

doug richert

Chasing fish is a passion for this guide; Doug is a licensed guide in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon as well as some time spent guiding in Alaska.


Doug spends his time guiding for salmon, steelhead, smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, and sturgeon on the Columbia River, Snake River in Hells Canyon, Clearwater River and Grand Ronde River. Doug operates a custom built 26ft Bloodsworth Sled specially designed to tackle the large white water of the Snake River in Hells Canyon and the small riffles of the Clearwater River!


He also operates a custom built 16ft Bloodsworth Drift Boat on the Grand Ronde River.


doug richert's

guide boat profile

26 Ft. - Bloodsworth


Doug's sled is a custom built Bloodsworth Boat.


This boat is powered by a Marine Power Fuel Injected 496, with a Hamilton 241 jet Pump. This boat was custom built to meet all of the needs of our clients.


During the Fall and Spring Seasons, this boat will take our clients on the Snake, Clearwater, & Columbia rivers.


james hollingshead

Growing up in the Lewis-Clark Valley, James has spent countless days chasing steelhead on the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Joining the Hells Canyon Sport Fishing team in 2006 James is a licensed guide in Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.


james hollingshead's

guide boat profile

29 ft. - Hells Canyon Marine

HCM worked closely with HCSF on the design and layout of this boat.


Sporting twin 350 Chevy V-8 engines and 212 Hamilton Jet pumps, Jason considers it to be the ultimate "Hells Canyon" fishing boat.


Kyle Parks

Born and raised in Lewiston, ID, Kyle has fished the Snake and Clearwater Rivers his whole life.  Kyle grew up idolizing Jason and started working with Hells Canyon Sport Fishing as a deckhand in 2012 then becoming a licensed guide in 2014.  Kyle is a licensed guide in Idaho, Washington and Alaska. 

kyle 1.heic



guide boat profile

28 ft. - HCM and Wet Ever

HCSF decided to think outside of the box to design and build a one-of-a-kind new fishing boat.


In conjunction with Wet Ever boat shop and Hells Canyon Marine (HCM) this new boat was created to be the ultimate fishing machine regarding client comfort, engine power and sleek maneuverability in all conditions. 

Profile pictures 1.jpg

Tracy allen

We are excited to have Tracy join our Hells Canyon Sport Fishing crew!  He brings a whole new opportunity to our clients by offering FLY FISHING!   Tracy is a lifelong fisherman and longtime guide where his passion and experience shines in the fly fishing community providing steelhead, salmon and smallmouth bass fishing opportunities on not only the Clearwater River but the Snake and Salmon Rivers.    

Tracy Profile Picture.heic



guide boat profile

18 ft. - SeaArk

Powered by a 60/40 Yamaha Jet and is setup for ideal fly or gear fishing for 1-2 anglers.

Chad Profile Picture.jpg

Chad Patchen

Chad Patchen was born and raised in the Lewis-Clark Valley giving him the perfect place to grow up and prefect his fishing abilities!  Chad is very passionate when it comes to fishing and regularly spends time on the Snake, Clearwater and Grand Ronde rivers, which led him to HCSF where he deckhands for our Captains and has done so since 2016.  Recently, Chad decided to become Coast Guard Certified and is ready to provide an opportunity for smaller groups of 2-4 people.   

boat picture.jpg



guide boat profile

23' ft. - Alumaweld SuperVee

Powered by a Mercury Optimax Outboard Jet and designed to run shallow water that will accommodate 2-4 anglers.

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